Our Digital Strategies Make You Money

The biggest weakness facing most companies today is the lack of a rapidly evolving and clearly defined digital media strategy. You snooze, you lose.

- Dale Rennie, CEO Kryptonite Digital Media.


Kryptonite Digital offers an integrated digital marketing approach to your brand’s growth.


We must first understand our customers’ brand story, audience, competitors, and market landscape. We utilize the data collected and analysed during the exploration phase to develop a strategic blue print based on general budgets and objectives.

Statement of Work

From there we work with our customers to refine and develop a detailed plan. The Statement of Work. This is a valuable asset is that it offers complete transparency to clients. The SOW can be presented to multiple qualified vendors to satisfy internal purchasing requirements and it provides a measurable delivery confirmation. Kryptonite would love to be your turn-key provider but we are happy to provide consultancy and planning roles. We can even support you in developing internally managed deliver teams.

SOW Delivery


Utilising insightful data, we continue to build our clients’ visibility via web SEO and social media management. We implement creative digital media strategies to build stronger connections with an audience as client visibility grows.


Social media is not just a distribution platform: it is where real conversations happen. It is where audience, brand ambassadors, and influencers meet. Social networks have the power to heavily impact relationships with a brand. We create marketable content with a specific audience in mind and utilize the platforms best suited to reaching them.

Analysis and reporting

We keep our strategies agile and responsive to the results of performance analysis. Clients receive a daily, weekly, and other period updates to keep them aware of their campaign’s success.

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